On this page, you'll find information about me and stuff I find interesting.

It's mostly all about coding and music: Current trends, learned techniques, personal thoughts, recordings, sheet music transcriptions etc.

I'm Carsten, a developer from Germany, currently living in Boston, working at BEE.

I like writing—not only code. I share a deep interest in software development and music.

I graduated at Ilmenau University of Technology and have a master's degree in Media Technology. Areas I emphasized in my program include signal processing and information retrieval. Former projects cover experience in machine learning and semantic web. Programming languages I worked with include Matlab, C++, Ruby, PHP, and most recently mainly JavaScript.

As a free-time guitar player, I was already part of different bands and ensembles, e.g. Kleinstadt Collective. When living in Jena, I enjoyed singing at an awesome student choir called Psycho-Chor.

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